Our Off-Grid Solar Power Solution Is Sufficient To Harness Your Daily Needed Energy For You To Cut Down On Regular Monthly Electricity, Diesel, & Fuel Exorbitant Bill. 

We're One Of The Top Rated Renewable Energy Company In Nigeria

We have just recently rated as one of the top solar energy service providers with a cost-effective approach in Nigeria. These rating didn’t come to us as a surprise, because we know that we have relentlessly demonstrate our expertism in solar energy solution through a quality product and service delivery.

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Who We Are

Alo R-Energy Company is a leading provider of Solar Energy products and services In Nigeria.

We have designed and installed top-notch Solar systems for both commercial and residential clients all around Nigeria. We have also developed a sustainable cost-effective energy solutions for our customers through high ethical business benchmarks is what we do.

Following the substantial growth in demand for a solar energy solution, we have decided to improve frequently to stay at the forefront of solar energy systems product and service deliverability.

As the costs to maintain traditional alternative power generation skyrocketed, with the level at which our air gets polluted daily, we are your dependable partner to deliver affordable solar energy systems and energy management solutions.

We consider our clients as our business life-line that’s why you’ll get the best service from us.

Our Services

We are your best solar power energy partner.

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Residential & Commercial Installation

We offer both commercial and residential solar energy solutions. We have also delivered a cost-effective solar system over time which has been the bedrock of our business expansion and sustainability.

Solar street lightening

Solar Street Light Installation

We can supply and install a lasting solar-powered street lighting that will radiate your home, street, and businesses. So you can shift focus away from the poor power supply and the cost to power up the electrical streetlight. With our solar street light, you'll have nothing to worry about.

solar maintenance

Solar System Maintenance

At Alo R-Energy, we understand the importance of solar system maintenance, which can't be taken lightly. What goes after a proper solar system installation is to make it is properly maintained, and we understand that, our goal is to ensure you get the best out of your solar system investment for the duration of time we have projected

Backup system

Inverter & Batteries Backup System

We can help you design a backup system with a quality component that will guarantee a return on investment. Not all batteries are suitable for a backup. We are here to help you make the right decision when it comes to system selection and what to design for your load sustainability. You won't get less than a highly efficient backup power solution if we handle your project.


This is our CSR free Renewable energy training program. We came up with an initiative to offer a free solar energy training program in partnership with Rccg CSR committee at Resurrection Parish Jakande Ajah to empower some youths. The initiative turned out to be a success. Those that were impacted have began to dream of turning their lives around with the acquired skill. We also gave them the opportunity to further develop their skill through an internship program. We have also added them to our pool of engineering group where they can get help should they encounter any issue in their voyage to the industry. We are also willing to partner with an individual or an organization who are willing to touch and impact lives through a Renewable energy empowerment program to benefit their society or to train their staff in solar energy solutions.

Why Choose Us

We are the epitome of professionals. We have a team of great value and experience.

When we design and install a solar system, we will make sure we leave no book unturned to protect and safeguard your investment, but when issue arising after years of using, we have the skill-set to troubleshoot and to resolve whatever the issue may be.

We have the years of experience that’s why you’ll get the best from us.

We have been highly rated when it comes to customer service satisfaction 

We treat our customers with utmost respect, and we know that without you there won’t be us. 

We don’t delay or waste time to plan, execute and commission a project. Because we understand that time is not of essence. 

Client Testimonials

I am glad I gave this project to Alo R-Energy company. They did a wonderful job. I recommend them.
Sunkanmi Iyiola
I couldn't have chosen a better solar company than Alo R-Energy. Their project finish job is a phenomenon
Lola Ajao
Getting value for my money means everything to me. This solar energy company gives me what I crave. Thanks to them
Kathy Ogunseitan

Solar Energy For All

We believe everyone in Nigeria deserves constant uninterrupted electricity without having to demand it. It is only a basic thing a good working govt system should provide, but since they’ve failed society, without affordable solar solutions, you too can have 24hrs light.