How to install solar Panel

There are several ways to install solar panels. It depends on your installation planning and provision.

Let’s check out the list of things that will be needed to achieve a successful solar panel installation

  • Set up a means to get to the roof. Sometimes, you won’t need a scaffold unless it’s a high-rise building. Any roof that is higher than a story, requires a scaffold. For a bungalow, some would make you of a ladder to get to the roof, while they make use of ropes to pull the panels to the roof.
  • Mounting of Solar Racks. You will need long nails or nuts to tack the rails to the roof. This stage is critical because the firm of the rails will determine the safety of the panels in a long run. Some panels can slide off the roof if the rails are not properly screwed to the roofing. That’s why some installers deployed the idea of using nails. A long nut would do a great job. You will also need a driller to carry this installation out.
  • Rope. The rope is used in the case when it’s time to pull the panels to the roof. However, do not forget to purchase sealants or flashband to cover up the spot where nails/nut goes through into the wood, to prevent leakage. The rope is quite essential when installing solar panels, its place in the process cannot be undermined.
  • Solar Panel Placement. Some installer really doesn’t have the sense of art when it’s time to arrange the panels on the racks before screwing the panels to the railings. This is one of the things that one should consider to make your installation neat and properly arranged for decency and professional comment and reviews after the installation.
  • Safety. I’m not sure if this is necessary to add, but I would like to add it. It is important to first consider your safety while you make arrangements for the installation. There is a safety belt, helmet, glove, boots, and eye protector that you should have to appear as a credible installer. However, also watch out for the point you shouldn’t step on the roof, to avoid causing damage to the roof itself. You must watch out for the nail point of the roof, this indicates that there is wood that goes through that point, so it is safe to step on that point alone.

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