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solar system companies in nigeria

Solar Power Solution

One of our core services is residential and commercial solar installation. We have great engineers who can take care of every energy need for your load demand. It is important to understand that, in other to get the best from solar energy solutions, we can’t leave out the important approach which is to carry out a load audit, then size your system based on the load analysis that had been done. This will help us to determine what size of the inverter, solar panels, batteries, cables, charge controller with other related accessories will be required to deliver a lasting solar solution with a return on investment in mind. With Alo R-Energy, you’ll get nothing for the best services. Our cost-effective approach will help you to save, while we also don’t compromise on good quality products.

Solar energy solution is no doubt the best alternative energy supply for the poor power supply in Nigeria. Even though it is yet to circulate in the country, due to some factors like the initial high cost to install it, some are yet to believe it is sustainable. However, those who have installed it have liberated themselves from the whole usual poor power supply and use of the noisy generators and their everyday fuel and diesel cost. The solar solution has revolutionized Nigeria and it is taking it by surprise. At Alo R-Energy, we take quality service and cost-effectiveness as a priority. We have helped a lot of clients save costs without affordable design and solutions. You can also benefit from it.

Backup Inverter & Battery System

We offer a Backup System for commercial and residential clients. Backup System is often time used for the sake of making sure there won’t be any form of blackout at a business or company. We have the capacity to size your system and proffer the best sustainable component that will last long enough for you to have a return on your investment. At Alo R-Energy, we don’t take your investment lightly. We put our client’s needs and satisfaction above our business achievement because we understand that, our client’s satisfaction comes first before our own business outreach and development. The happier our clients are in terms of service satisfaction, the better for our business integrity and popularity. You can trust us with any form size of system you’ll like to achieve for your home and business.

Solar energy company in nigeria

Renewable vitality for clean vitality

Photovoltaic systems harness radiant light and convert it to clean energy through the use of semiconductor materials.

solar street light


With the advent of an increase in fuel and diesel costs to power big gen for the sake of powering electrical street lights and the unreliable power supply, hence many organizations and companies including estate management have shifted interest towards solar street light which is very efficient and reliable. Alo R-Energy is your one-stop-all solar services provider. We have a quality solar street light that comes with a warranty for your home projects and street. We install at an affordable installation fee. You can reach out to us to get a quote.

Solar Power Solution & Thunder Arrestor Installation

Installing Solar Panels on a roof or anywhere near a building can attract lightning, considering the elements used in making the panels. This is why we are your one-stop solar energy solution partner that will leave no book turned till we delivery, not just quality services a lot but also protection for your investment. We understand the importance to safeguard solar power or inverter backup system solution. Hence saddling ourselves with the skill and necessary idea to make sure we advise on the importance of thunder arrest, and if you haven’t got one, we will install it for you at an affordable price.

solar system companies in nigeria

Get The Best From Solar Investment

You can get the best out of your money by making sure you are dealing with the right expert who can give the needed advice on how to maintain your solar system, and likewise the type of brand of solar components to invest in. Make sure you ask questions to ascertain whether the engineer cares about giving you value for your investment or just wants to make money.

Make The Right Investment

Making the right investment is the bedrock of solar power system sustainability. Solar power system cost is based on your load demand, but it is better for you to spend more to gain more than to spend less and lose badly. Because most solar components now are costly, so you must be prepared not to seek cheap products to suit your budget, rather we will help you come up with a cost-effective but quality and reliable product irrespective of its cost. We always advise our clients to focus their goal on how many years they will enjoy the system, because the longer the years the more the returns on investment.

Get a Professional Solar Engineer

A lot of people have regretted badly investing in renewable energy because they ended up entrusting their money into the hands of the wrong solar engineer/company. That is why it is paramount for you as an investor to be educated on solar power solutions and their processes, so as to know if you are dealing with a professional engineer or not. Otherwise, It won't take long before you'll regret investing such a huge amount of money in solar energy. Although the benefit of solar solutions cannot be overemphasized. Aside from the fact that is it noise and pollution free which is beneficial to our health and climate change, it also saves back more money and helps to cut down on monthly electricity and generator bills. We have helped a lot of people to go completely off-grid, they no longer use power supply. You can as well use our off-grid solar plan to cut down your monthly electricity bills.


Yes it does. In fact, it is much more reliable and sustainable for any size of investment. 

A detailed answer to provide information about your business, build trust with potential clients, and help convince the visitor that you are a good fit for them.

Yes, you can go off-grid. Off-grid is a system mainly design when you don’t want to subscribe of public power company, and you want to be able to generate your own electricity without regulations. Off-grid is also used to cut down on monthly electricity bills.

When you install solar energy system, you’ll be saving a lot of money back from monthly fuel & diesel cost which is in thousands, and over a year to 2yrs, you’ll be saving back in millions. Solar solution is noise and pollution free, which is a sense of comfort on its own.

Absolutely. Solar panel generates power ones there is a daylight. Now there are difference between a daylight and sunlight. Sunlight increase the chances of solar panel array to generate its maximum output power known as peak-sun-hour. However, day light is just the brightness of the day without sun. Irrespective, the panels will still generate something, except it is dark. Once it is dark, solar panels won’t be able to generate any current again.

The environmental benefit of solar can not be overemphasized. It is adviced by the world health organization because it keeps our air clean, and it also helped to reduce the harm done to the planet earth due to evaporation of fosil fuel and constant release of carbon into the air. Its impact on our health and global warming is great and unspeakable.

It increased the value of your property especially for developers and those who build to sell. When you incorporate solar solution to your home, it naturally makes your investment more valuable.

PV works in connection with other components to generate electricity. It is used to harness energy from the sun, through the use of semi-conductor materials.

Depends on the size of the system will determine the price

You can pay cash for us to install the system for you. You can also draw a loan to pay on instalmental plan. Some banks offers that, once you have agreed to our quotes.